The Soul


You’d know you were in New Orleans even with your eyes closed … because of the people. The soul of New Orleans is inseparable from its people. You can hear the love in their expressions. You can see their skill in the architecture, with carriageways and courtyards that take you back to Spain and rows of shotgun houses that recall the city’s Afro-Caribbean heritage. You can get a taste of their passion in the city’s culinary traditions. Boiled crawfish and soft-shell crab. Gumbo and stewed greens. Bread pudding and sweet pralines. The city’s chefs feed more than your appetite – they feed your spirit. And you can feel New Orleanians’ joys and struggles in the jazz, jump, gospel, and blues that play long into the night. So look around and get to know the places, the flavors, the sounds – and most of all the people – that make New Orleans feel so right.